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Welcome to Zip Publishing

For over 25 years, Zip Publishing has been furnishing custom publishing to the educational community of Columbus, Ohio and around the country. From course materials for specific classes including course packets, electronic course packets, self authored readers & notes and CDs/DVDs to personal publication of texts and CDRoms for public sale. The Educational Publisher Inc. group includes the subsidiaries of Zip Publishing, The Educational Publisher and Biblio Publishing.

To learn more about the services that each division offers, please visit the Products and Services page. Zip Publishing also offers an online bookstore that allows for direct sales to students and the public. Visit the Zip Publishing Bookstore to view offerings for individual courses or for general academic purposes.

For answers to questions about the services offered by Zip Publishing, please email us at or visit our Contact page for additinal contact information.

(Note: Ohio State Students wishing to order course materials may do so through the Zip Publishing Bookstore by Clicking Here)     |     The Educational Publisher     |     Biblio Publishing     |     Zip Publishing Home Page     |     Email Zip Publishing