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About Zip Publishing

Zip Publishing has been in business since 1985. After decades of offering course material services at The Ohio State University, Zip Publishing began offering our services to other Ohio institutions, and then to other universities across the country. At the request of numerous instructors, Zip Publishing then began offering publishing services, allowing the instructors to publish their textbooks using our Educational Publisher imprint, which allowed them more control over their materials than that offered by traditional publishers. After years of offering publishing services through the Educational Publisher imprint, it became apparent that there was a market for publication by non-educational authors. Thus was created the Biblio Publishing imprint and the Biblio Bookstore, a technology up-to-date online bookstore offering print and digital downloads for all of the Educational Publisher and Biblio Publishing imprints.

One of the goals of our business has always been to furnish personal service to each of our customers. We also strive to create high quality products, and to that end Zip Publishing prints and binds all of it's printed materials in it's Columbus, Ohio facility.     |     The Educational Publisher     |     Biblio Publishing     |     Zip Publishing Home Page     |     Email Zip Publishing